Chal Rug - Fog

Inspired by ornate Kashmiri shawls, Jacquard-loomed paisleys ornament this rug's low, looped surface. Marled wool yarn imparts rich color striations, while silken viscose and cotton, sheared to a low, even height, add soft sheen and lush texture. Our rugs are artisan crafted and no two are alike. Given their handwoven nature, slight variations in shading and size are inherent to the design. Imported. 60% viscose, 20% wool, 20% cotton.Viscose rugs are characterized by tonal variations that may be affected by the light in a room as well as the angle from which the rug is viewed. Shifting highlights and lowlights in the surface color of the rug are to be expected. В НАЛИЧИИ НА СКЛАДЕ США. СРОК ПОСТАВКИ ОТ 2 МЕСЯЦЕВ. ТОЧНЫЙ СРОК УТОЧНИТЕ У КОНСУЛЬТАНТА. ПРИ ИЗМЕНЕНИИ ОТДЕЛКИ И РАЗМЕРА ВОЗМОЖНО ИЗМЕНЕНИЕ ЦЕНЫ
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dimensions РАЗМЕРЫ УКАЗАНЫ В ДЮЙМАХ, ДЛЯ ПОЛУЧЕНИЯ САНТИМЕТРОВ НУЖНО УМНОЖИТЬ НА 2,54. РАЗМЕРЫ: 2'9" x 9' ; 5' x 7' ; 6' x 9' ; 12' x 15'
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