Salvaged Wood X-Base Rectangular Extension Dining Table

Handcrafted from unfinished, salvaged solid pine timbers from 100-year-old buildings in Great Britain, our tables from designer Timothy Oulton bear a distinguished provenance. Distressed as only age and the elements can impart, the rough-hewn planks are carefully hand-selected, planed and lightly sanded yet otherwise left untouched. Each table is a celebration of authenticity and uniquely one of a kind. В НАЛИЧИИ НА СКЛАДЕ США. СРОК ПОСТАВКИ ОТ 2 МЕСЯЦЕВ. ТОЧНЫЙ СРОК УТОЧНИТЕ У КОНСУЛЬТАНТА. ПРИ ИЗМЕНЕНИИ ОТДЕЛКИ И РАЗМЕРА ВОЗМОЖНО ИЗМЕНЕНИЕ ЦЕНЫ
    Handsomely distressed and generously sized to accommodate large gatherings ; Rough-hewn salvaged wood planks, which will vary somewhat in color and grain, are carefully hand-selected, planed and lightly hand sanded ; This item is artisan-crafted with meticulous care. Given its handmade and hand-finished nature, variations and imperfections in the wood are to be expected and celebrated. Each salvaged item is an original and no two pieces are exactly alike. ; Unfinished, unsealed salvaged wood includes distinctive nicks, splits, cracks, knots, nail holes and imperfections that speak to the wood's age and provenance. Salvaged wood will continue to change over time as it interacts with its home environment. ; By their nature, unsealed salvaged wood planks may be somewhat uneven and may develop small cracks and cup or bow over time due to changes in temperature or humidity. We believe this only enhances the table's rustic, unique character. ; Assembly provided upon delivery ; 72" and 84" tables seat up to 10 with extensions, up to 6 without ; 96" table seats up to 12 with extensions, up to 8 without ; 108" and 120" tables seat up to 14 with extensions, up to 10 without
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dimensions РАЗМЕРЫ УКАЗАНЫ В ДЮЙМАХ, ДЛЯ ПОЛУЧЕНИЯ САНТИМЕТРОВ НУЖНО УМНОЖИТЬ НА 2,54. РАЗМЕРЫ: 72"-102"L x 40"W x 30"H; with two 15" leaves; 370 lbs. ; 84"-120"L x 40"W x 30"H; with two 18" leaves; 418 lbs. ; 96"-126"L x 40"W x 30"H; with two 15" leaves; 431 lbs. ; 108"-144"L x 40"W x 30"H; with two 18" leaves; 449 lbs. ; 120"-156"L x 40"W x 30"H; with two 18" leaves; 502 lbs.
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